Botswana is a landlocked country in southern Africa boarded by Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia with a population of 2.677,521 million people. Its capital city is Gaborone.


Botswana culture is prominent in the Setswana language, traditional music and local food and dance, attire and other ceremonies like wedding celebrations. There are dances for storytelling, religious rites and many other occasions. Maintaining tradition and preserving culture is important to all Batswana people and it is celebrated annually on Botswana culture day. Batswana people are warmer and more welcoming. This can be attributed by the fact that the people come from different ethnic groups and Tswana being the largest. Others include Kalanga, Basarwa and Kgalagadi.


Botswana’s most celebrated national food is called seswaa (pounded beef meat). The other meats include goat, chicken or lamb. The country has a traditional porridge called ‘Bogobe jwa lerotse’ also known as slap-pap made from lerotse melon, sorghum and sour milk. Another dish that is less familiar is mopha ne worms (caterpillar) named from a mophane tree. There is also biltong which is air dried, normally made from beef or game meat native to a region.


The country is characterized by dry winters from May to September and wet summers from November to April with hot and dry October.


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Foreign exchange currency

The currency for Botswana is Botswana pula (BWP). The current exchange rates for the following currencies stand as follows:

  • 1 SA RAND > BWP = 0.66
  • 1 US$ > BWP= 12.65
  • 1EUR > PULA=14.47


Botswana is well known for tourism, with iconic parks; Okavango delta (one of the largest salt pans) which is in the northeastern part, Chobe national park in the Chobe district and Moremi Game reserve making her the top travel destination in Africa with camp safaris. Please visit the website: for more information on tourism sites.

Tourist sites around to Gaborone to consider visiting.

1. Mmokolodi

Operating times: 07:30-10:30hrs 14:00hrs-16:00hrs daily

1.1. The site boasts of Mmokolodi game reserve which offers 2hour Game drives.

  • Adults P250.00
  • Children P125.00
  • under 5years free entrance

1.2. Reptile park visits

Operating from 0930am, 1300 and 1500hrs daily

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

  • Adults P50.00
  • Children P125.00

1.3. Rhino and giraffe tracking

Only offered on reservation

  • P600.00
  • duration of 3 to 5hours
  • light picnic meal inclusive

1.4. Cheetah visit

  • P150.00 game drive into the enclosure
1.5. Bush walk 2-3hrs
  • Guided : P195.00 (both members and non-members)
  • Unguided P150.00

2. Lions Park

2.1. Lion viewing runs from Thursdays to Sundays 1100hrs to 1700hrs at BWP70.00